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A unique vegetarian, artisan pizza bakery unlike anything else around!

At Soul Surfing Pizza, we have created a place where people can follow their heart, answer their desires, and simply enjoy themselves regardless of their dietary preferences or allergies.  Each item on our menu has been created in response to the requests or suggestions of current meat lovers, former meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, those who keep kosher, those requiring gluten-free or those who simply want really great artisan pizza and other treats.  Our hours allow us to answer the community’s need for a place which is open late and invites the under twenty-one crowd in. Our location is designed so that our seating can accommodate the cozy couple or the larger after-event crowd, all in a fun environment with an outdoorsy feel and a great sound system.

We are under CRC Dairy Hashgacha.  Our food is All Natural.  Our soup stocks are strictly made from fresh vegetables, created on site without the use of chemical or commercial bases.  The "meats" we are getting known for are made from non-dairy, amazingly flavorful gluten product. So, don't delay!  Please join us in an environment where most everyone can eat and where good taste is the rule of the house, all in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Your soul surfing experience can begin right now!!

Soul Surfing Pizza

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